Discover why Kearney is just right.

Kearney City Hall and Chamber Offices
The City of Kearney and the Kearney Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to the community. Our offices are located at 100 E. Washington.

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Today's families and businesses are looking for something a little more, a little better. Something that feels right.
Imagine the best of suburban living blended naturally with the relaxed life-style and feeling of community you'd find in the hometowns of days gone by. Place it all in the midst of rural countryside, with an abundance of peaceful, natural beauty and you'll find Kearney.
The City of Kearney government operates under an elected mayor and Board of Aldermen. The city is served by a full-time police department. The Kearney Fire Protection District, voted "Fire Department of the Year", provides immediate fire and emergency medical response via 911 service.
Utility services include water, electric, telephone, by a variety of public utility companies, regional co-ops and contracted companies. For more information, refer to the "Helpful Numbers" in the Kearney Infokwik directory.
Our strengths come not just in our location, but in our people; for those who have chosen Kearney as their home, it's caring neighbors and friends they can count on. For business, it's a strong and sturdy work force that knows value and importance of work itself.
With it's rich past, exciting present growth and a future that's sure to be bright, there's no better time to come discover the many reasons why Kearney can be just right for you.